What is YOYP ?

YOYP gives you Scooty on Rent whether you want to take the Scooty on Ride and Return basis or just for the one way ride. Book the YOYP Electric Scooter and pay the money as per  travel time.


What is YOYP Business Package ?

YOYP Business Package is for whose who want to invest there money at the right place and want’s to earn the money. If you want to know more about the packages you can contact YOYP team.


Do we require Driving License to drive YOYP Scooter ?

No, You Don’t Require any Driving License to drive YOYP Scooter. YOYP Provides you the Electrical Scooter on Rent. Its very easy to drive and you do not require any prior experience.


What if I have never ridden a scooter?

YOYP scooters are very easy to drive and you do not need previous experience. Once you sit on the YOYP Scooter you can easily drive without any helper.


What is the minimum amount to invest in YOYP Business ?

To know about the business plans you have to contact with our customer Support. They will help you with all the information regarding YOYP Business Plans,


Can we invest in the YOYP Business as Partnership ?

Yes, you can invest with your Partner. During Registration user will be asked for the partnership Entry or Normal Entry with percentage.